The Furry Music Anthology releases “On The Bright Side: The Anthrology Vol. III” with 29 artists

by Patch O'Furr

The Furry Music Anthology is uniting musicians, just like other furry artists, to share their work with one collective platform. (Join them on FurAffinity and Twitter.) It launched with “Anthrology Vol. 1: A Song of Your Sona“ sharing the work of 13 musicians. The sequel, “New Horizons: The Anthrology Vol. II” shared work from 15 musicians. Now 29 are contributing to a new release.

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Project founder Trayce the Protogen writes:

After the positive reception of the first two Anthrologies, and several months of planning, we’re happy to present the third volume: On The Bright Side.

For this album, we asked musicians to create uplifting music to raise people’s spirits in the rough times that the past few years have brought upon us. Extra time had to be spent putting this album together because it has a total of 29 tracks: more than the previous two albums combined! The musicians truly delivered with a wide variety of styles, and we couldn’t be more grateful for each and every one of them.

Bob Drake returns again with mastering all of the tracks, an undertaking we are grateful for, so please go show him some support.

Fleeks also makes a reappearance as the album cover artist, providing a bright and vibrant work of art to match the tone of the album.

The design can be found on our merch store, like the other works she’s made for our albums.

The Furry Musicians page on FurAffinity deserves special thanks, as always, for helping get the word out on when entries open for these albums.

With this next volume, we have also taken a step forward in one of our long-term goals: charity. It had been a goal from early on to donate proceeds from the albums and merch to charity, but the infrastructure needed to do so effectively needed some time to get set up. However, we have now taken that step. From now on, after a new Anthrology is released, we will donate all proceeds from the albums and merch store to a charity of our choosing at the end of each month following the release for three months, after which we will begin work on a new Anthrology. From there, proceeds will go towards the art for the next album. This process will define our new schedule from now on, and should make these albums come out much more consistently. The Furry Music Anthology is entirely not-for-profit.

For this cycle, we chose The Trevor Project as our organization of choice, and we made our first donation on October 31st with a total of $432.12 donated!

We are astounded with the amount of support that people showed, and we encourage people to keep up that support. Our next donations are scheduled and you can purchase any Anthrology album to be able to contribute to the next donation. We look forward to seeing how the community continues to come together.

We plan on beginning work on Volume 4 starting around the new year, slated for a summer release, so keep your eyes open and your ears perked. We also plan to expand the Furry Music Anthology into new horizons such as streaming platforms like Spotify in the future. We will keep everyone updated on that as we go, but that is still a short ways off.

We also want to thank everyone who has helped put these albums together, as well as those who have purchased the albums on Bandcamp and our merch on RedBubble.

The Furry Music Anthology can be found on Bandcamp, Twitter, FurAffinity, YouTube, and RedBubble.

Special thanks to Kiko Picasso for helping run the Furry Music Anthology.

Until next time!

-Trayce the Protogen, Furry Music Anthology Founder

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